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Rodent Control since 2007


We will execute a thorough inspection of your home to single out any current or future rodent problems. We take our time to make sure your home is inspected internally and externally. We then advise you on potential solutions to make sure rodents are removed and kept away.

Servicing all of Sydney

We provide home rodent services for all of Sydney including The Shire, North Shore, Sydney CBD, South Sydney, Western Sydney and Eastern Suburbs. We have a team of pest controllers in each of these areas ready to solve your rodent problem.

Fully Licensed

Elite gaurantees that all of our exceptionally trained rodent control technicians are fully license by the NSW government through the EPA and by WorkCover. We continually re-train our staff in the latest tech advancements and green-tech to keep your home free from nasty pesticides. This also helps us ensure that the best products and methods are being used..

12 Years Experience

Elite has serviced over 3,000 homes in the past 12 years and aims to continue serving Sydney siders with their rodent issues to our best abilities. Although we are growing, we continue to run like an owner operated company, so you can be assured you will receive the highest quality service possible. With all the perks such as highly attentive service, great advice and extreme attention to detail.

FAQ about rodents

1. Chew Marks
Finding small chew marks on wood, cardboard, and other materials? Rodents of all sizes are known to gnaw on everything from baseboards to wires.

2. Musky Odor
A rodent infestation is usually accompanied by a musky odor. This odor tends to grow stronger as the infestation worsens.

3. Rotting Odor
If a rodent dies inside a dwelling the smell will be strong. We strongly advise calling a licensed pest control professional to find and remove dead rodents or other pests as they can be very hazardous. If you do remove a dead rodent on your own, be sure to wear gloves and a mask.

4. Odd Pet Behavior
If your dog or cat is scratching at walls or acting erratic in a certain area of the home, it could be a sign of rodents. Make a note of where they exhibit this behaviour, it is great information to provide a pest technician when they inspect your home.

5. Droppings
Rodent droppings are amongst the most common and easily seen signs of an infestation. Mice droppings are usually no more than ¼” in length and are small, dark brown, with pointed ends. Rat droppings can be anywhere between ¾” and ½” long and vary in shape depending on the type of rat. Always use gloves and a mask when cleaning up rodent droppings.

6. Tracks
Tiny rodent footprints are another obvious sign of infestation. Look for these up high where dust collects easily and potential tracks would identifiable.

7. Holes
Mice and rats will sometimes gnaw small holes in thin walls or materials in order to create new entry points and ways to get around.

Rodents look for quiet places of shelter that offer protection from larger animals. Your home’s warmth and safety make it ideal for raising a family.

Keep reading to learn about rodents’ favorite hiding places and what you can do to deter these dangerous pests.

Inside Walls – Rats and mice take advantage of wall cavities for free access to the whole house.

Listen for rustling and squeaking, and inspect your baseboards for openings. A lingering foul odour might indicate a decomposing body.

Garages and Sheds – It’s no surprise that spaces that accumulate clutter and have little human traffic are appealing. They’re usually dark and quiet, and they contain plenty of useful materials for making a home. Cardboard storage boxes that are rarely opened are as inviting as it gets.

Kitchens – Rats and mice don’t typically nest in commonly occupied rooms, but the kitchen is an exception. Proximity to food sources is a major selling point for rodent real estate.

Mice often hole up in protected areas behind appliances. They also slip behind loose baseboards and settle under cabinets that are rarely opened.

Trust Elite to get rid of your rodent infestation. The trapping and removal of rodents is a hazardous job that only a professional should tackle.

Most people are aware of the health-related dangers to a rodent infestation because they can transfer diseases, but some don’t know the severity of the damage that rodents can cause to your home. Their ability to chew threw nearly anything can cause thousands of dollars worth of rodent damage.

Structural Damage – Rodent infestations often result in structural damage – they chew through your home to make convenient passageways. Since this typically occurs in hard-to-find areas, pricey repairs are needed once the infestation is cleared.

Electrical & Pipe Damage – Electrical damage can be another damaging effect of a rodent infestation. If any electrical wires get in their way, they won’t hesitate to chew through. Not only is this type of damage expensive to fix, but it can also be a safety hazard to your family if undetected. Some species can even chew through pipes!

Ruined Food Sources – Rodents can also contaminate food sources (they can chew through cardboard and plastic products). If this happens, you have to throw out the entire package because of their ability to transfer deadly diseases. Just a few rodents can easily ruin your entire pantry of food.

Smells – Finally, a severe infestation can leave pungent odours in the home that take time to remove.

Rodents IN sydney HOmes


Not only is a rodent infestation a health hazard, but it can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home as well. If you’ve noticed even one mouse or rat in your home, it’s important to contact Elite pest control services as soon as possible in order to limit any potential damage.

Our proven and effective rodent removal techniques will help you keep contamination and diseases out of your family’s lives for good with reliable, safe pest control for rats and mice. We understand that the presence of rodents at home or in your workplace is unsafe, damaging and just plain unpleasant. That’s why we ensure our rodent pest control services are the fastest, safest, most effective and most affordable anywhere in Sydney – for a rodent-free home today!

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